Claustrophobia was created in 2002 by Thomas and Vincent. At that time the idea was just to start a band but nobody had any musical experience what so ever. After a year or so, Joost offered to play guitar since he had experience in playing acoustic. A new area began. Joost bought Vincent's guitar and began playing metal. The drummer at the time, Erik, started taking drum lessons. Due to lack of interest he quit lessons and playing and at that point there was no drummer for the band. After 2 years of practice without a drummer or bass player, Vincent started playing the bass guitar and a new drummer by the name of Szandor was found. The band improved a lot and started to work on material for a first album. This demo album came out in 2006, was called DechristIanisation and was a great success. Then the guys stopped Claustrophobia and they all went on to become teachers of fine and lost arts.